TALIA #LubnaaLebaran2023

by Mohamad Zainuddin Surip on Mar 13, 2023

#LubnaLebaran2023 gives a lasting impression with its infinite beauty and elaborate splendour. The magnum opus of the collection is Talia, a design that draws inspiration from the artistry of nature. She is as serene as the morning dew that comes at daybreak, clinging to petals like a layer of vigour to rejuvenate the world.

Premium lace trim the sleeves and hem, a resplendent element redolent with lavish garlands of lilies, a flower that denotes purity and refined elegance.

Luscious hues for Talia were chosen based on the most popular colours in our previous iterations. You asked and we listened. Our customers' preferences were the reason for the spectrum of shades selected.

Essence of romance is reflected in the exquisite draping of Talia's lush fabric, gilded with scintillating stones that sparkle like the sun reflecting across crystal waters.

Vertical lines add an ultra-modern symmetry, expressing contrast in a design that elicits love and celebration. You've enriched your heart spiritually during the holy month, when Syawal comes, revels in victory and memorializes it in Talia, the quintessential abaya from #lubnalebaran2023.