Entice Your Heart with Beauty and Charm of AMALIA

by udd zainuddin on Jul 12, 2023

Entice Your Heart with Beauty and Charm of AMALIA


Amalia's heart fluttering flowers will entice your heart with beauty and charm. A concatenation of lilies flows freely through the lace detailing, enriched with crystal stones that sparkle and delight as it touches a glimmer of light. Parallel lines curve around the sleeves, creating a contemporary contrast to the loops and twirls of flowers forming the edge.

Amalia has a floor-skimming hem that hangs over your frame, draping gorgeously into a voluminous shape for a breezy style, ideal for full on merriment and beyond. Cut for a relaxed fit, the abaya envelops your figure without clinging to the skin, allowing a modest silhouette that is apt for formal events.

Available in five pastel colours, Amalia gives you a multitude of choices fo your year. Pick the one that resonates with you the most to help you enjoy the rest of 2023 with clarity and utmost devotion.