Modern Look RAUDAH will never go out of style

by udd zainuddin on Jul 09, 2023

Modern Look RAUDAH will never go out of style



Raudah Abaya is the best option if you only want to get one abaya for Eid al-Adha. Raudah, available at an attractive price point is a purchase you will treasure for years. It features a modern design with geometric lace overlays that fan out gracefully on the sleeves. This modern look will never go out of style, as its contemporary elements will stay relevant through all seasons.


The sleeves' art deco design has a pleasing character that makes it popular among Abayalubnaa's followers. Raudhah is offered in four new exciting shades, a range of pastel hues being introduced in our latest iteration.


Raudah's vertical lines throughout the front and sleeves add a playful touch that flatters your figure while maintaining the geometric theme for a design that balances modernity and a conventional silhouette flawlessly.